Working with the Questions

When only the best bid can win, be the best bidder.

Impact Bids

Delivering the bids that will transform
your business

Each question presents us with an opportunity to develop our narrative – that is, to explain why we are the very people to deliver this contract. Take every opportunity.

Level 1: Answer the question. It may sound fundamental, but it’s remarkable how often this simple principle is overlooked by bidders. Where the question contains two or more discrete aspects, take each aspect of the question in turn, and detail your answer.

Level 2: Prove every point! We need to evidence the answer. Prior Experience, Accreditations, Standards, KPIs, Testimonials, Relevant Examples, Case Studies, Industry Awards. There are many sources of evidence, use the most appropriate source for each point.

Level 3: Develop the Pitch. The commissioner has asked this question because the topic is important to them. Accordingly, it needs to be important to us. What do we have to say about it?