What’s the Problem?

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Commissioners do not exist in isolation from the rest of the world. News events, social changes, public policy, financial constraints, legal obligations, performance measures, environmental issues and so on all impact on commissioning bodies – private and public –  as much as any other organisation.

If we consider that any given tendering exercise is an attempt to solve a problem, the likelihood is that the problem is bound up in one or more significant issues specific to this commissioner. Our first job is to go and find it.

We worked with a client bidding for a NHS Dentistry contract under the Dental Access Programme. The borough was ranked in the top 20% most prosperous in the country, and yet in reading the issued documents there was an implied problem with ‘access’ to oral health care.

Our research found a number of small areas within the authority that were amongst the 10% most deprived in the country, with corollary social determinants indicating poor oral health. The problem wasn’t to be found in the quality of existing Dental service provision, or in the oral health of the population as a whole, but in the exclusion of low income households in specific streets in the borough.

Consequently, our bid became focussed on measures to reach and engage with excluded individuals, families and neighbourhoods, notwithstanding the requirements for quality, safeguarding and myriad other aspects of the service. Our narrative then was one of transforming the oral health of the most deprived residents, removing barriers to access to the highest standards of care.

When we understand the problem we can do something about it.