What Makes a Good Bid Writer

What Makes a Good Bid Writer

There were more than 300 billion emails sent yesterday. That’s a lot of writing even if much of it ended up in the junk folder. Between email, text messaging, social media, blogging and much more besides, people nowadays write more than ever before.

While the keyboard has replaced the pen, the activity of writing has never been more important in our working or our social lives. Given that we’re all writing so much, writing a bid should be straightforward, right?

Not so fast. Virtually anyone can write a bid, and very many people try, but there’s a world of difference between writing a bid and writing the winning bid. And a further world of difference between writing a winning bid once and writing winning bids time and again.

So, what makes a good Bid Writer? Good Bid Writers are inherently competitive; Good Bid Writers develop narrative to frame their pitch; And good Bid Writers are concise.

Read on to find out more about what makes a good Bid Writer.


What skills do bid writers need & what is involved in bid writing?

There are three primary characteristics in good bid writing that are crucial in creating a successful bid. These are competition, narrative, and concision. Let’s take a look at what these require of a good bid writer.



First base is to recognise that bidding is competitive. The good Bid Writer is writing to win, not simply to complete a formal task. You need more than a driving licence to win a motor race, and you need more than good written English to write winning bids.

The good Bid Writer recognises and factors for the strengths and weaknesses of the bidder relative to the opposition. Where can advantages be found that put distance between us and the rest of the field? What potential weaknesses might need to be protected and reinforced?


Most Invitations to Tender comprise a series of specific questions asked of bidders by the buyer. These questions represent the things that are most important to the buyer in the context of the specific procurement exercise at hand.

The good Bid Writer not only recognises that but seeks to find out Why these are important to this buyer. And having understood why these things are important, the good Bid Writer has something to say about them. The good Bid Writer has something to say and thus does the narrative of the bid emerge. See Insight: Working With The Questions


And once we know what we want to say, we need to say it concisely. Most Invitations to Tender set a word count limit on the answers. We need to answer each question fully, providing the information requested and the evidence that what we have written is true. The good Bid Writer is able to create a full answer to the question while developing the narrative elements that underpin the bid. The good Bid Writer is able to say more with fewer words.

Competition. Narrative. Concision. These are the key characteristics of good bid writing.


How can a good bid writer help a business?

A good Bid Writer helps a business retain existing business and acquire new contracts:

  • The good Bid Writer understands the bidder’s position in the competitive field and finds advantage.
  • The good Bid Writer seeks to understand what problems the buyer is trying to solve and develops a narrative around the solution.
  • And the good Bid Writer says it convincingly, using enough words to say it, and no more.

The impact of this approach on the business is seen in results from bidding and in contracts won. An existing contract can represent a significant proportion of total revenue for a supplier. This in turn represents a significant risk to the business when the contract is retendered. The good Bid Writer greatly reduces this risk by increasing the likelihood of the win.

Furthermore, when focussed on a pipeline of new business, the good Bid Writer can drive growth, transforming the business via new contract wins.

What makes a good Bid Writer? Ultimately it’s not about the writing. It’s about the Impact.


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