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We can draw some inferences regarding what’s important to the commissioner from the questions asked by them in the Invitation to Tender (ITT). Clearly, while the commissioner might have asked questions on any given topic, they have chosen to ask these specific questions. Allow that the central topic of each question is important to them.

Similarly, it is typical for the commissioner to apply a word count limit to answers, and we can expect that those questions given greater word count are considered more important to the commissioner.

Moreover, commissioners often weight the scoring of each question, with some questions being given a greater weight than others. Again, we can infer that those questions with the higher weighting are considered to be more important.

We recently completed a tender for Social Care support services where out of ten questions asked, four related directly to the subject of Safeguarding, together comprising 60% of the weighted Quality score. In our experience in this sector it is unusual for such a high proportion of questions to be focussed upon one specific topic, and we might reflect that Safeguarding – in this particular instance for this particular commissioner – was a sensitive issue. Thanks to Google, it didn’t take long to find out why.