The Challenge

When only the best bid can win, be the best bidder.

Impact Bids

Delivering the bids that will transform
your business

The majority of tender opportunities are managed in two discrete stages: The Prequalification or Selection Questionnaire, followed by the Invitation to Tender thereafter. The PQQ/SSQ is generally used as a first cut by the commissioner, and in many cases around 20 initial bidders will be reduced to four or five called forward to ITT. At face value, competent bidders might expect to win just one out of four bids for which they are qualified.

Tendering is inherently competitive, and the commissioner’s objective is to select the best bid from those most qualified. Many clients come to us dismayed at their recent results. Their bids are compliant with the specification, their products or services are accredited to the relevant standards, and their Pricing is competitive.

For them, it appears as though something must be wrong in the evaluation of bids and the awarding of contracts. Often in their eyes, either the commissioner already knew who they wanted before the process began, or the winning bidder undercut the market.

But Compliance is a prerequisite, not a winning proposition, and there is always someone prepared to make a cheaper offer. Moreover, the law requires transparency and fairness, and the process is supervised by the courts, ensuring a level playing field in virtually all cases.

The truth is that Compliant bids with Competitive prices rarely win. All that effort and no result.

If you’re winning one in four bids you’re doing as well as the odds suggest. If you’re winning one in three you’re doing well.

But consider this: What would be the impact on your business if you won eight out of ten contracts you tendered for?

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