Make the Evaluator’s Job Easy

When only the best bid can win, be the best bidder.

Impact Bids

Delivering the bids that will transform
your business

Consider the poor Evaluators. It’s Monday morning following the submission deadline, and they can now start their work. There’s a large pile of bids on their desks, each comprising tens of thousands of words, and each needs the same diligent scrutiny to read, review and score. This is going to be a long week!

Each bid in turn is largely the same as the last; it’s compliant with the requirement, it answers the questions, it describes the same processes, provides the same industry standards, is written in the same business monotone. One bid to the next, there’s little to choose between them, perhaps one is more convincing on mobilisation, another stronger on track record. A point here, a half point there.

They come to our bid. Our job is to grab the evaluators’ attention, make them interested in what we have to say, and maintain that interest throughout the bid. We want them to be pleased to have something interesting to read, and to generate enthusiasm for our offer.  We want our bid to be the standard against which all the others are scored. Above all, we want to give them a positive reason to select our bid as the winner, and in doing so, we make their job easy.

Let’s make it easy.