When only the best bid can win, be the best bidder.


Drawn from
15 years’ experience encompassing over 2000

We’ve noticed that while there are many websites offering bid, proposal and tender writing services, there are greatly fewer sources of reliable advice and information for bidders.

We thought it would be useful to share some of what we know about competitive tendering, the things we’ve learned about bidding over the years, and give some interesting examples drawn from our work. We’ve kept them concise – they’re insights after all, not essays – and we hope you find them helpful. If you’d like to know more about our approach to bid and proposal writing, bid and proposal management and tender writing training, give us a call.

The Challenge

The majority of tender opportunities are managed in two discrete stages: The Prequalification or Selection Questionnaire, followed by the Invitation to Tender thereafter.

The Quality Imperative

Commissioners are required by law to award a given contract to the “most economically advantageous tender” – the so-called MEAT principle.

Inputs versus Outputs

Let’s consider for a moment that every invitation to tender represents a commissioner with a problem. Of course, they rarely explain

What’s the Problem?

News events, social changes, public policy, financial constraints, legal obligations, performance measures, environmental issues and so on all impact on commissioning bodies.

The Importance of the Questions

We can draw some inferences regarding what’s important to the commissioner from the questions asked by them in the Invitation to Tender (ITT).

Working with the Questions

Prove every point! We need to evidence the answer. Prior Experience, Accreditations, Standards, KPIs, Testimonials, Relevant Examples, Case Studies, Industry Awards.

Make the Evaluator’s Job Easy

It’s Monday morning following the submission deadline, and they can now start their work.

Bidding is a Contact Sport

The contract represented a growth opportunity for the client, and they were keen to win it.

Boilerplates are for Boilers

The term ‘Boilerplate Bid’ has been coined for the practice of recycling the content from previous bids.