Bid Writing Training and

Bid Management Training

When only the best bid can win, be the best bidder.

In competitive tendering, the
bar is set
high and
only ever rises

The importance of CPD in a competitive arena

In the unforgiving arena that is competitive tendering, the bar is set high and only ever rises. Past performance is no guarantee of future success and when only the best bid can win, being the best bidder demands continuous improvement.

We consider Bidding to be a professional undertaking with a professional standard, and it therefore follows that Bid Writers and Bid Managers require professional development support.

In this light, our Bid Writing and Bid and Tender Management training and professional development programmes provide Bid Writers and Bid Managers with competitive advantage; challenging assumptions, resetting standards and stimulating new ideas.

Our training programmes are built upon our technical methodology, helping you and your people better understand the evolving professional standard and equipping them with the tools they need to deliver more impact from their work.

The programmes run over a number of sessions, each session tailored to the needs of each group and delivered within an action learning environment. In all of it, you and your team can expect to be pushed, stretched and challenged. We find that it is important to provide follow up support during subsequent live bids to embed learning and ensure optimal impact from the programme.

Bid Writing Training

Our Bid Writing Training programme is built upon our Technical Methodology. Our purpose initially is to provide a structured approach to bid writing, giving learners a shape to work within. Thereafter, to expand their thinking and their style to produce increasingly persuasive and direct writing. Learners progress through the following stages: Answering the question, Evidencing the answer, Developing purposeful narrative, Delivering persuasive bids.

Who is Bid Writing Training for?

Our Bid Writing Training programme is suited best for those for whom bid writing is a regular part of their work. It is also highly suitable for experience business managers wanting to add professional bid writing to their skill set.

Before each engagement we assess the standard that your team is currently working to, identify from this where we can make the most impact and adapt our content and materials to suit their needs accordingly.

Bid Management Training

Bid Management is the leadership and coordination function which ensures that the task of producing a bid or tender is completed effectively. It is a challenging function comprising a series of complex and at times competing tasks. The professional capacity to navigate through the detail of a complex ITT is often at odds with the natural ability to generate new ideas and develop persuasive propositions.

Our Bid Management Training Programme is designed to help your people better understand where and how effective Bid Management can make a difference, and equip them with the tools to do so. We guide them through the sequential stages of: Navigating the Requirement, Defining the Buyer’s Drivers, Ideas Generation, Strategy Development, and Converting Strategy to Structure.

Who is Bid Management Training for?

Our Bid Management Training programme is ideal for experienced Bid Managers looking to take the next step towards Bid Director. It is also suitable for experienced Bid Writers wanting to progress into Bid Management.

Expect to be pushed, stretched and challenged

When only the
best bid can
win, be the
best bidder

How our Bid Training and CPD programmes work

Our bid training programmes are delivered by one of our Bid Directors, each an expert practitioner of our professional method. Unless there is good reason to use video conferencing, sessions are delivered in person at your premises or at a venue of your choosing. We find that a cohort of 8 delegates provides an optimal number for action learning and peer review. Four is a minimum and 12 a maximum for effective learning. We provide all learning materials, you bring your wits and your natural curiosity to learn.

Training is followed up with mentoring during subsequent live bids ensuring that learning is reinforced and new skills become habitual. By driving up the professional standard of your team, we increase the impact of their work.

If you would like to know more about how our professional methods can help your team to thrive, please get in touch and let’s talk.