Bid Management Services

When only the best bid can win, be the best bidder.

Expert Bid Management and specialist support
for competitive tendering

Bid and Tender Management is the leadership and coordination function that ensures that the task of producing a bid or tender is completed effectively.

There are three key elements to Bid Management: Compliance, Strategy and Implementation.

Compliance is concerned with ensuring that the bid meets the minimum requirements set by the commissioner; submission timescales, provider credentials and qualifications, industry standards, quality assurance, tender documentation and so on. Compliance is a prerequisite of a winning bid, ensuring there are no unpleasant surprises.

Strategy encapsulates the reasons why your bid will win. It separates you from the competition, captures the buyer’s needs and defines your approach to delivering them. It describes not only what added value you propose to offer but describes the benefits it will deliver. Strategy is the foundation on which a winning bid is built.

Implementation is concerned with executing the strategy and delivering the bid. On time. It’s a demanding task. When a bid comprises word restricted answers to set-piece questions, where is the space for a strategy? How do we manage the input of internal subject matter experts without compromising their day-to-day work? And with very short timescales for submission, how can we deliver the bid on time to the highest quality while avoiding evening and weekend working?

Our Bid and Tender Management Services

For those clients who have a capable bid writing team in-house, we provide wrap-around Bid Management support. This comprises leading on the development of the Bid Strategy, creating the Response Template, planning of the Implementation phase, and a full Evaluation of the bid before submission.

Our Bid Management service is designed to increase your chances of winning. It is best suited to clients who have capable people with adequate time to complete the task at hand, but who seek the assurance and direction of experienced bid professionals to increase the likelihood of the win. We work directly with your team, creating consensus on approach, providing clear direction on delivery and giving honest feedback on output.

Our Bid Management support comprises four sequential stages, each providing confidence and direction to your team. These are Compliance, Strategy, Structure and Evaluation.

In this respect, we are a critical friend, providing strategy and direction in the early stages and practical, grounded advice on the work your people produce.

Our pre-submission tender evaluation comprises compliance testing together with extensive advice, observations and professional judgement.

We evaluate your team’s work objectively, assessing it against the buyer’s published criteria in the first instance. However, we go further, evaluating the quality of the work, the strength of the argument made and the persuasiveness of the pitch.

Expect that your work will be criticised. It’s not personal, it’s strictly business impact.

The clarity confidence and direction your team needs

We evaluate the quality of work, the strength of argument, the persuasiveness
of the pitch

Practical Tender Management Support

Our Bid and Tender Management service gives you and your team essential support over four main aspects. You get:

  • The Compliance Checklist – What you need to do

All of the commissioner’s requirements are captured and detailed in a single reference document.

  • The Bid Strategy – What you need to say

The rationale and key elements of your bid proposition agreed and detailed, providing clarity and direction for the whole team.

  • The Structure for the Bid – How you need to say it

A complete response template giving the structure for the answer to each question, including evidence needs and case studies.

  • Pre-submission Tender Evaluation – Have you said it well

We apply our experience and professional judgement to the work your team has produced. We assess for compliance, added value and persuasiveness. Ultimately we ask: Would I buy this? and feedback accordingly.

Our Bid and Tender Management service provides your team with clarity, confidence and direction, giving them the edge they need to write great bids.

Frequently Asked Questions

If Impact Bids provides Bid Management Services, how much time will me and my team need to write the bid?

As a rule of thumb, with our direction you should expect an experienced bid writer to produce high quality answers to two questions of 500 words each per day.

Thus, a typical bid of 20 such questions might take in the order of 10 person days to draft following initial kick off activities. Thereafter a further day or two should be expected to edit and finalise the bid after the pre-submission evaluation.

If your people lack the necessary time or experience, we recommend you consider our full bid writing service instead.

What if I only want a Pre-submission Tender evaluation?

With good reason, we only offer pre-submission evaluation on bids for which we have provided Bid Management support..

When done well, pre-submission evaluation is highly effective in improving win rates. However there’s a natural sequence to effective bidding: Scope the requirements; Conceive the strategy; Draft the bid; Review and finalise.

The last thing you want is to be told with perhaps just two days before submission is that the bid is misconceived and needs to be rewritten. Or that the bid (or the bidder!) is non-compliant with the requirement. Or that all of the answers need to be restructured. There is very limited value in such a ‘service’.

Because we are engaged in the bid from the outset, providing clear advice and direction throughout, our approach avoids these risks.

How much do Bid Management Services cost?

Our fees are based on a day rate and are agreed and fixed at the outset, giving you confidence and transparency.

Our clients find that the cost of our services represents less than 1% of the value of the contracts we win for them.