Our Approach

When only the best bid can win, be the best bidder.

Our Approach

Delivering the
bids that will transform
your business

At Impact Bids we write to win. Our Bid Methodology has been conceived, developed and refined over a period of 15 years, encompassing over 2000 bids across virtually all business sectors.

We know that making the decision to work with an external bid writing firm is not an easy one. There are a variety of firms and individuals offering such services, and at face value it can be difficult to distinguish one from another. However, before you choose, consider this; In any given tender competition there are many bidders but only one winner. Clearly not all bids are the same, and similarly neither are all bid consultants.

Ours is a partnership approach, recognising that the sole measure of our work with you is the Impact it delivers to your business. Our purpose in working with you is to deliver the bids that will transform your business. We start with first principles, reflected in three questions:

Is competitive tendering important to your business?
Can we help you to win?
Shall we work together?

When we start working together the first task is to define the Impact we can expect from our partnership. We look at the opportunity landscape:

Is this a one-off, business critical tender? If so, let’s crack on!
Is there a wider opportunity to grow your business? If so, what does the pipeline of likely bid opportunities look like?
What impact can we expect over the coming 12-24 months? And what do we need to do to deliver that impact?

In this way we each have clarity on the expected impact from our partnership, and we become part of your team.

If competitive tendering is important to your business, get in touch and let’s start the conversation.

Getting Started

All projects start with a close reading of the issued documents to sweat the detail – What’s the commissioner buying? How much/how many? To what value? Over what period of time? In which locations? What standards are required? What qualifications have been set for bidders? What are the evaluation criteria? How big is the task? What resources will it need? What’s the timescale?

Once this preliminary stage is completed, we set this information in the context of your business with a Go/No Go decision gate. Is this an impactful opportunity? Are we qualified to bid? Is our service/product compliant with the requirement? Does it fit with the business plan? What are our competitive advantages and deficits?

After all, producing a high quality tender is a demanding task, and just because we can submit a bid, doesn’t mean we ought to. Only when we’re both convinced that a given opportunity is both impactful and feasible do we get down to work.

Working Together

Time is of the essence in deadline-driven bids, and speed of penetration is a critical success factor. Bids are complex and multifaceted, and accordingly, each project is managed within an agreed and time-bound plan. The plan ensures sufficient time for all tasks to be completed, and allows for contingencies ahead of the submission deadline.

We recognise that you are the expert in your business, and accordingly, acquiring the knowledge and experience of you and your team is central to the success of the plan. Equally, we recognise that you have a business to run, and so we ensure that the process is managed to obtain optimal knowledge transfer at minimum time cost to you and your people.

To this end, all project workshops and meetings are conducted via phone or video conferencing, updates are reported daily, and progress is transparent.

We cannot promise you that each bid we deliver for you will be a winner as there are a number of influences on the decision that are outside our control. What we offer is a professional approach and technical methodology which have been proven to deliver the impact you need, and our promise to you that we will go the extra mile to achieve it.

If you’d like to know more about how our approach to competitive tendering can help your business, call us and let’s start the conversation.